Local Consult Process

How we put your 
good ideas to work

Every two years during the Local Consult process, KDOT will come back to Kansans to ask what has changed, what transportation improvements are needed, and how can we solve problems together. Based on that feedback, projects will be selected to enter into the development pipeline or construction pipeline. New ideas will first enter the development pipeline for further examination, engineering, and planning. Project ideas that are further along, or ones that have already spent time in development, may then move to the construction pipeline. The Local Consult process helps inform all of these decisions.

In addition to gathering your thoughts and ideas, these interactions provide you with a forum to ask KDOT questions, too. The IKE program's commitment to transparency means that key data about our performance will be easily accessible to Kansans - even at your fingertips on a mobile device. More data provides more opportunities for understanding how transportation resources are used in Kansas – and supports our accountability to taxpayers.

We listen to you

Here is what we heard at Local Consult in 2019 and what we did as a result:

Your idea: Instead of a static, 10-year program, build in some flexibility.
IKE response: IKE was developed as a rolling program in response.

Your idea: Safety should be improved on our roads – for my family, myself and my cargo.
IKE response: Safety is an important value of the IKE program. We consider safety when we select projects, including our Preservation, Expansion and Modernization projects. Some safety improvements – like adding passing lanes and widening shoulders – are more cost-effective and can be completed more quickly than larger projects like four-lane expressways. We have added a Strategic Safety Initiative program to address the state’s “hot spots” faster than before.

Your idea: I worry about crumbling pavement and the conditions of our roads.
IKE response
: The Kansas transportation system is one of our most valuable assets – valued at more than $30 billion. We should definitely invest in taking care of what we already have before building new roads. IKE prioritizes preservation. It is more cost effective if we focus on maintaining what we already have.

Our intention is that KDOT becomes an engaged and trusted partner, especially when it comes to solving transportation challenges. We believe the rolling program will encourage teamwork. You are the closest to and most affected by transportation issues – and your input helps us use your investment wisely. Your participation in Local Consult is critical to the infrastructure needs of your community.

Have Questions?

Do you have a question, comment, suggestion or concern? Contact us by emailing IKE@KS.gov or by using the message fields located at the bottom of every page. You can also find out more about how we put your ideas to good work with our local consult process here.